About Maber Business Services and Our Team

Wayne Maber, registered tax agent and CPAMaber Business Services has been operating in the Blue Mountains for over 20 years. Despite most of its clients living and operating in the Blue Mountains and Greater Western Sydney region, MBS is capable of servicing clients irrespective of their geographical location.

Our Principal, Wayne Maber is an Accountant and Registered Tax Agent, with more than 30 years experience in Taxation, Accounting and Banking.

Our Business Administrator, Bronwen Vern-Barnett, has over 20 years experience in Accounting and Tax preparation.

A photo of Bronwen Vern-BarnettWhen preparing your Tax Return, we will help debunk the process and ask relevant questions to further understand your needs—and not just mindlessly process your paperwork.

Our advice on Taxation is customised to suit your individual, family, business and financial conditions. Most importantly, we are eager to improve your financial situations.

In terms of Accounting and Bookkeeping, Wayne has a thorough understanding of the accounting rules from his experience working as an Accountant, and we will ensure your books are accurate and prepared when you need them. Bronwen has a sound working knowledge of online Cloud based Accounting software.

What makes a good tax agent?

Most people would say ‘the one that can get me the biggest refund’, however experience shows that this may not always be the case.

In our view, the best tax agent is the one who will prepare your return accurately and honestly so that you pay the correct amount of tax for your situation, but not a cent more.  This includes informing you of all the possible deductions you are entitled to and simplifying the process.  The tax rules are constantly changing and at MBS we stay informed to ensure that you are aware of everything you can claim.

Why lodge a tax return?

When you are earning throughout the year, the PAYG deducted from your salary is a scientific ‘best estimate’.  Tax return time is the time to add up everything you’ve earned during the year, less all the expenses that you incurred to produce that income, and to then calculate how much tax you really should have paid.

A good tax agent will ensure that this amount is the ‘correct’ amount, irrespective of whether you receive a tax refund or have to make an additional payment.

It is also important to remember that if your return is prepared honestly and accurately, then you will have no problems if you’re ever subject to a tax audit.